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8:30 AM
Competent Person Training – Steven Simon, TrenchSafety

8:30 AM

Utility Locator Training – Bob Nighswonger, Utility Training Academy

1:00 PM
Damage Investigation Training – Roger Cox, ACTS Now Inc.

1:00 PM
MS811 Web Portal and Mobile Apps Workshop – Amanda Russell & Joanna Henderson, Mississippi 811

4:30 PM
Mississippi 811 Annual Membership Meeting


Tentative Sessions – updated as speakers/titles confirmed

7:45 AM
Opening remarks and welcome

8:00 AM
CGA Update and D.I.R.T. Report – Khrysanne Kerr, CGA

9:00 AM
Ask the Enforcement Board – Panel of Enforcement Board Members

10:00 AM
Keeping Mississippi’s Damage Prevention Program Adequate – PHMSA

11:00 AM
How a typical day at work can turn deadly – Maurice Casadaban, Entergy Services

11:00 AM
The latest OSHA updates – Courtney Bohannon, OSHA

1:00 PM
Outdoor Demo – Vacuum Excavating – Badger Daylighting

1:30 PM
Networking with Exhibitors / Demos

2:00 PM
Outdoor Demo – GPR Demo – Ditch Witch Mid-South

2:30 PM
Mississippi 811: Keeping our eyes on the goal of Damage Prevention – Sam Johnson and Mississippi 811 Staff

3:30 PM
DPCC’s at work – Mississippi 811 Damage Prevention Coordinators

3:30 PM
Cross Bores Awareness and Prevention – Mac Foote, Mears Group


Tentative sessions – updated as speakers/titles confirmed

8:00 AM
Identifying what the next changes in the DIG LAW need to be – Facilitator: Roger Cox, ACTS Now Inc.

9:00 AM
Improving Communication Through Technology – Amanda Russell & Joanna Henderson, Mississippi 811

9:00 AM
Damage prevention roundtable discussion – Facilitator: Bill Rutledge, Mississippi 811

10:00 AM
Utility owners working with counties on right of ways – MSRWA Staff

10:00 AM
Severe Weather Impact on Damage Prevention – Molly Smith, CenterPoint Energy

11:00 AM
Update on 2018 Enforcement actions taken – Roger Cox, ACTS Now Inc.



Ask the Enforcement Board – Panel of Enforcement Board members  
Meet members of the enforcement board and ask them questions you’ve been unable to get answered.

CGA Update and D.I.R.T. ReportKhrysanne Kerr, CGA     
Learn how key CGA damage prevention initiatives assist stakeholders in keeping America safe and connected.  Khrysanne will also give an overview of the latest D.I.R.T. report.

Cross Bores Awareness and Prevention – Mac Foote, Mears Group             
This session will discuss the hazards associated with cross bores, the process for presenting them as well as the challenges in finding and eliminating them.

Damage Prevention Roundtable DiscussionFacilitator: Bill Rutledge, Mississippi 811
This session brings locators, contractors and utility owners together to discuss what must be done to solve problems in the field.

DPCC’s at WorkDamage Prevention Coordinators, Mississippi 811             
Since Mississippi’s enforcement went into effect, there seems to be more interest in attending the DPCC.  Attend this session to learn how to take advantage of the information shared at these events and how to get more involved.

How a Typical day at Work can Turn Deadly Maurice Casadaban, Entergy       
Discussion on two recent actual events that resulted in workers not making it home that day.  The events involved excavation and locating.  Learn what to do, and what not to do, in order to avoid getting hurt or worse.

Identifying What the Next Changes in the DIG LAW Needs to beRoger Cox, ACTS Now Inc.            
Meetings across the state have been held in advance of the Summit.  Learn what stakeholders have consistently said needs to be the next changes to the law.  Do you agree with the consensus?

Improving Communication Through TechnologyAmanda Russell & Joanna Henderson, Mississippi 811     
Learn how utilizing technology can help improve communication between excavators and locators.

Keeping Mississippi’s Damage Prevention Program AdequateDavid Appelbaum, PHMSA          
Yesterday, Mississippi’s damage prevention enforcement program was audited by PHMSA. Attend this session to learn how the program rated. Discussion will center around expectations for enforcement, what’s working and what needs improvement. This session will be open for questions from the audience as well.

Mississippi 811: Keeping our Eyes on the Goal of Damage PreventionSam Johnson & MS811 Staff, Mississippi 811         
Attend this session to learn how Mississippi 811 uses technology and expertise to create quality tickets at cost effective prices. The goal of damage prevention has to be affordable and this session will show you what goes on behind the scenes.

Outdoor Demo — Ground Penetrating Radar        Ditch Witch Mid South  
Get a firsthand look at what this technology is all about and get your questions answered.

Outdoor Demo — Vacuum Excavation      Badger Daylighting          
See this demonstration of “soft digging” which is considered a best practice for safely exposing underground utilities.

Severe Weather Impact on Damage PreventionMolly Smith, CenterPoint Energy             
Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes have all recently impacted the CenterPoint Energy operating area.  The aftermath of these events requires emergency excavation as part of the restoration process.  Homeowners may also become more active as they dig new fence posts for fallen fences and other emergency excavation projects.  This presentation focuses on how to prevent further damage to underground utility infrastructure after severe weather strikes, including the effective use of media to prevent damages.

The Latest OSHA UpdatesCourtney Bohannon, OSHA         
Everything you always wanted to know about OSHA.  Attend this session to learn about the latest OSHA rules.

Update on 2018 Enforcement Actions Taken – Roger Cox, ACTS Now Inc.            
Attend this session to get the latest enforcement information and data for 2018.

Utility Owners Working With Counties on Right of WaysMSRWA Staff
Crowded right of ways continue to be a real frustration for all utilities.  Attend this session to discuss possible solutions to this long-time problem.  We welcome your input in this session.